Published on 21 JUNE 2022

When you return from vacation, many of the best memories are connected to the culinary experiences lived. Pantelleria is famous not only for its natural beauty, but also for its culinary specialties. The goodness of capers, seafood, typical sweets and zibibbo wines is recognized all over the world.
For this reason, we have selected for you 5 of the restaurants most appreciated by Panteschi and our customers.

among the historical restaurants of the island, we recommend "La Nicchia".
This restaurant located on the outskirts of the village of scauri offers the experience of dining in a Pantelleria garden. The restaurant offers authentic traditional dishes that contain the best of classic and contemporary cuisine. We also recommend this place for an aperitif overlooking the sunset.

The "Giardini Dei Rodo" restaurant is located between the districts of scauri and rekhale. Among the most romantic locations on the island, this magical place full of history hands down the love for its land. The culinary proposals recall the traditions and enhance the raw materials, but without giving up new and tasty combinations.

A stone's throw from the famous elephant arch is the restaurant "le cale". Located by the sea, it is the perfect location for dining and relaxing under the moonlight. The exquisitely local cuisine offers typical specialties and original reinterpretations, through which to discover the culinary excellence of the island. From lunch to dinner it is a point of reference for visitors but above all for the Panthers.

At the foot of the village of Tràcino, inside the "Pantelleria Dream" resort is the Acquamore restaurant. Immersed in the vegetation on panoramic terraces overlooking the sea, this charming restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy dishes based on fish and shellfish. With the chef Pietro Mangani, with experience in the starry landscape, you will make a food and wine journey, which moves from beauty, through taste up to touch the sensorial heart.

In Località Mursìa, with a terrace overlooking the sea, there is the "Scruscio" restaurant. In Salvatore Bottaro's restaurant, one of the most talented young chefs in Pantelleria, the Scruscio restaurant is a real laboratory of sensory experiences, which start from taste to inevitably envelop every other perception, in a spiral of flavors, smells, colors and memories. destined to leave a persistent pleasure in every diner.

Here is where to find them and how to book:

1) La NIcchia

Reservations: 0923 916342

2) I Giardini Dei Rodo
reservations: online:

3) Le Cale
reservations: 0923915451

4) Acquamore
reservations: 3313961767

5) Scruscio
reservations: 3809039362