Published on 12 MARCH 2023

The perfect car for your holidays in Pantelleria does not exist.....No, no, wait a minute. It does exist!

We already knew that the vintage Fiat Panda was the almost perfect car, but we decided to make it absolutely perfect!

Rear windows not opening? Natural sauna during hot summer days? Now stop!

Sure, we couldn't add an air conditioner, so what? We opened the roof!

ok, ok the panda with the sunroof already existed, see the panda café for example or the 4x4 trekking, but we made the roof bigger and it is not divided in two. Bigger, more air, less sauna and more fun.

Nothing special?
We made it YELLOW, like the sun!

Don't you have anything more to say? we know it.

We'll tell you: It's vintage, it's convertible, it's yellow and it's perfect.

We called it: "Fiat Panda Pantelleria"