Published on 26 APRIL 2021

The Sup Around Sicily guys arrive in Pantelleria.
On board our Jurassic Pand they will conquer the coasts of the island aboard their sup. Their interview today at 2 pm on Rai 3.

Sup Around Sicily ”is the idea that was born to enhance Sicily and, why not, also to break some records, attempting real sports feats. This project was born on the Magaggiari beach, by two boys from Cinisi, Gioacchino Migliore and Gabriele Pizzo. Born on the same day, the same year and look at fate even in the same hospital: it looks like the plot of the famous film "7 and 8" but it is pure reality.
Their first adventure took place after the first lockdown, when the Covid-19 pandemic paralyzed not only Sicily but the entire nation. “Those were months in which we all found ourselves locked in the house. So after the reopening, towards the month of May, we had the idea of doing something special - say Gabriele and Gioacchino -. In fact, during one of our sup rides, we confronted each other and asked ourselves: "Why don't we do something that frees us and makes us discover new things?". While we were making such reflections, exchanging some ideas, we were on the beach of Magaggiari and from there you can see the lighthouse of San Vito Lo Capo, it is no coincidence that this crossing was our first adventure. So one day we got ready and made our first sup trip, from Magaggiari to the San Vito lighthouse, about 65 kilometers, armed only with sleeping bags, boards, paddles and just a few cameras to document this experience ”.

Article published by the Giornale di Sicilia (