Published on 16 MARCH 2021

Pietro Gabriele and Dario Spezia, have published a video entitled: “Pantelleria - where Nature reigns”.

Pantelleria artists have created a real jewel. An alternation between poetry and music, words and images, such as to deeply touch the hearts of those who love our island and, of course, of those who still have only to imagine it.

Pietro Gabriele's poem narrates:

There is an island in Italy,
shaped by sea, fire and wind.
A magical island, where time slows down,
where silence is a sound that you listen to
where the sea is made of emeralds.
Protagonists of the night
the stars tell ancient stories.
While the wind sings,
a lava elephant sleeps forever on the sea.
Here the breath of the earth,
that heals the soul smells of immortality.
The goddess Venus in her lake is mirrored every morning.
Complex paths reward the sea.
A violent impact enlivened by so much beauty and, at the end of the day, the sunset has a sense of rebirth,
that you wish would never end.

Then, the intervention of Maestro Spezia with his notes and here is the magic, in the magic of Pantelleria: