Published on 7 OCTOBER 2022

Pantelleria will be the protagonist of the docufilm
which will be made by twister Film for Fiat. Tomorrow, Saturday 8 October, on the occasion of the shooting of the documentary with the provisional title "Pandelleria" there will be a meeting with as many pandas as possible.
The convocation is at 4 pm at the policardo car rental square in via arenella (former enopoly - policardo washing).
We will leave at 17:00 to reach the mirror lake of Venus by caravan.
A drone will fly over the line of pandas to the lake, where further footage will be filmed for the docufilm.
If you have a panda, of any series, you can't miss it.
This is the Panda Island, the goal would be to gather at least 100 of them!
For info contact the number:
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