Published on 10 APRIL 2021

Was your flight to Pantelleria in May canceled?
Shit! But will this be enough to ruin the long-awaited moment of finally being by the sea and enjoying the serenity that a unique place like Pantelleria can give you? You deserve this holiday so why give it up?

You may not know it but there are several ways to reach Pantelleria in the month of May and the most convenient, in the absence of direct flights, is to make a stopover in Palermo.

If you want to reach the island from northern Italy, the same Volotea or Ryanair offer several weekly flights connecting cities such as Milan, Bergamo, Verona and Venice with the Sicilian capital with very low fares.

For example, with volotea you can reach Palermo from Verona in the month of May starting from € 19 or with RyanAir from Bergamo starting from only € 9. (seen today 10.04.21)

Reached Palermo the connection to Pantelleria is offered by DAT which with the fixed cost of € 70.44 will take you to the island in 40-50 minutes.

Obviously you will have to look carefully at the timetables to avoid spending the whole day waiting at the airport.

At the moment the best combination is:
Ryanair departs Bergamo at 8:10 am and arrives in Palermo at 9:45 am.
From there, if you do not have large bags to collect but only hand luggage, you can immediately take the 10:50 flight.

Once you arrive in Palermo and check-in online, it is not necessary to redo the checks, as soon as you get off the plane, entering the airport, keeping to the left you will immediately enter the gate area without checking and without further waste of time. In any case, you have about 40 minutes and believe me that is more than enough if everything is on time.

If you want to go more calmly, I recommend a flight from Verona with Volotea departing at 12:00 and arriving at 13:35. This will allow you to take the DAT flight to Pantelleria at 17.00.

What will it be like 3 hours at the airport after months of training locked up in quarantine at home? Arm yourself with Pads and TV series and 3 hours will pass quickly.

You deserve this holiday and Pantelleria with its sea and its nature is waiting for you.
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