Published on 3 JUNE 2021

From 1985 to 2021 we at Policardo lived 8 world and 8 European football championships and many of you, not just tourists, celebrated aboard our vehicles on the island of Pantelleria.

????????We were celebrating in the 1990 World Cup aboard a Fiat 127 despite the defeat against Argentina in #Maradona.

????????We were in 94 when the Divine Codino, #RobertoBaggio, missed that penalty in the final against Brazil aboard a Bedford Rascal.

????????We were at the 2000 European Championship, when #Trezeguet destroyed our dreams in the final, with a Golden goal in the 103rd game. On board a Peugeot 405 T16 painted green, white and red for the occasion.

????????We were in the 2006 World Cup when #FabioGrosso scored that penalty that painted the Berlin sky blue. On board 10 Quads with the flag waving.

????????We were in the final of Euro 2012, in that damned evening in Kiev, where A Spain, too strong, with 4 goals, brought our national team to its knees.

We will be there this year and we want to go back to dreaming! We want to go back to the magical nights of the 90's, to those first celebrations, to that summer full of emotions and lightheartedness to relive the magical moments of over 30 years together.

We celebrate with the iconic car of the 1990 world championship but also with the car that most represents Pantelleria. The car he accompanied us at Policardo for over 30 years and which still remains the most requested car by our customers today.

Book it and relive the magical nights with us cheering the Azzurri. #italia # EURO2020 #forzaazzurri # pandaitalia90