Published on 16 MARCH 2021

Crazy! This vehicle is not for mere mortals.
For everyone, Pantelleria has an area of 83 square kilometers, a small black pearl, rugged and wild in the middle of the Mediterranean with 'only' a road perimeter of 52 km but not for the most fearless. With this mythical and small off-road, Pantelleria becomes as big as Australia. This mini jeep is spartan and pure like a real warrior. Designed for bad and tough off-roading, it is designed to withstand any terrain, with a rigid-bridge suspension complex and leaf springs that make the machine stable even in the event of high altitude difference.
The gearbox is simple and dry, it screams and tastes like rusty metal, five gears and a two-speed gearbox.

The equipment and design fully express the character of the island: Steel bumpers, an imprecise technical framework that barely marks the fuel level, zero frills and only the necessary appendages. To drive it you need to have a wild spirit and a warrior character, but if you can tame it, it will take you to places you can hardly imagine.

As soon as you see it you will understand that it is the right machine for the island and a voice inside you rising up will resound in your brain that will exclaim: THIS IS SPARTAN!