Published on 15 DECEMBER 2021

Christmas is almost here and Santa is ready to deliver gifts all over the world.
In Pantelleria the sled is not the right way to deliver gifts because without the snow, landings on dirt or asphalt can damage it. For this reason, like every year, even Santa Claus relies on us to choose the right vehicle. This year he chose the Jurassic Panda to bring gifts to the inhabitants of Pantelleria and, in order to give a gift to all those who want to visit this beautiful island, will give a 20% discount voucher to all those who want to book a scooter or a car for next summer.

The offer is valid for those who book by March 15th 2022 in the period from January 1st to July 22nd.

This is the right time to plan your next holiday in Pantelleria.