Published on 31 MAY 2022

There are only a few days left for "The Island - Experience Festival" to start! Innovative and eco-festival organized on the island of Pantelleria, from 2 to 5 June. 

The most important electronic music artists will be present on the stage of the Festival, such as: Peggy Gou, Nu Gena live band, Moodymann, Paula Tape, Ze in the Cloud and many others, who will undoubtedly satisfy the tastes of the public. 

Francescp Taskayali, pianist, composer and traveler, willi be another important guest of the Festival who will bring the scenarios of the world to the stage, in peace and in war. 

During these three evenings it will be possible to meet well-known international influencers. Among these, there will be, Giulia De Lellis, an Italian television personality, made her debut at the age of twenty following participation in the Uomini e Donne program; Alexandra Pfeifer, singer, musician, dancer and actress, stars in the Netflix dance film "Into the Beat"; Le Coliche, the trio formed by Claudio Colica, Fabbrizio Colica and Giacomo Spaconi who are currently part of the cast of Comedy Central News, but have also participated in Pechino Express; Aurora Ramazzotti, daughter of the showgirl Michelle Hunziker and of the singer Eros Ramazzotti and the actress Giorgia Adesivo. 

Among the activities of the festival, there are also training experiences with th Yoga Academy, partener of the event one of the largest schoold in Italy, in fact it has a community of more than 100.000 people. Nemerous other experiences are planned, such as the discovery of the food and wine culture and the local culture of the island, will also be possible to talk about the future and about conscious choices. 

Many people have made their holiday in Pantelleria match the dates of "The Island - Festival Experience" and to follow everything in the best possible way they have already rented a car or a scooter, as getting around on foot is very complicated.