Published on 26 DECEMBER 2021

Alessandro Broghese together with the production of 4 restaurants also used our services and tonight, Sunday 26 December - on Sky and streaming on NOW - it will be possible to see the episode dedicated to the 4 restaurants selected in Pantelleria.

Alessandro Borghese has selected the following restaurants for today's broadcast: Altamarea di Scauri, La Conchiglia di Tracino, Il Rifugio Firiciakki on Via Grotta Benikulà and Trattoria Pantesca Runcune in Khamma.

Tonight we will see who will win the final prize of 5,000 euros to be invested in the kitchen of the winning restaurant.

It will be possible to watch the broadcast on channel 108, digital terrestrial channel 455), always available on demand, visible on Sky Go, on smartphones, tablets and PCs, even when traveling in the countries of the European Union, and in streaming on Now.