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Christmas 2023 gift idea?

There are just a few days left and you still don't know what to get for Christmas?
simple isn't it? Give Pantelleria as a gift.
Do you know that there is no better time to plan your summer holidays...

How to rent a boat or a dinghy in Pantelleria?

Did you know that with us you can also rent boats and dinghies?

With the opening of the Pantelleria Barche channel and thanks to the collaboration with excellent partners and service professionals,...

Qatar 2022 - A World Cup without Italy is not a World Cup.

Tomorrow the football world championship will start, Qatar 2022 but without our Italy.
8 years have passed between Italy and Uruguay and the last memory we all carry with us is Luis Suarez's bite on...

Panda gathering for the docufilms "Pandelleria"

Pantelleria will be the protagonist of the docufilm
which will be made by twister Film for Fiat. Tomorrow, Saturday 8 October, on the occasion of the shooting of the documentary with the provisional...

September Offers

Don't you want your summer to end and you still want to relax by the sea?
The month of September is the perfect time to experience Pantelleria.
The streets are starting to empty, no traffic, no...

Where to eat in Pantelleria - Top 5 recommended restaurants in 2022

When you return from vacation, many of the best memories are connected to the culinary experiences lived. Pantelleria is famous not only for its natural beauty, but also for its culinary specialties....

Katia - Experience Manager by Policardo

We are pleased to present a new service for all Policardo car rental customers who will visit the beautiful island of Pantelleria.

The new customer service, in addition to providing you with useful...

All the vip of - the island

There are only a few days left for "The Island - Experience Festival" to start! Innovative and eco-festival organized on the island of Pantelleria, from 2 to 5 June. 

The most important...


Why is car rental in Pantelleria necessary?
Simple! Because without a car or a scooter you will not be able to visit all the things we are about to offer you.

Here are the 15 things to do...

Which car to choose in Pantelleria?

Which car to choose in Pantelleria?

Before answering this question it is good that you know a few things:

The first thing you need to know, if you want to visit the island of Pantelleria, is...

Happy Easter

Does the sun shine at Easter and Easter Monday in Pantelleria?
do you want to have a nice picnic with friends in the middle of nature? make it even more special!
Our idea?
Rent a scooter or a...


Finally it's done! After more than 2 years, in which, due to the pandemic, it was not possible to confirm it, the first edition of The Island - Experience Festival finally starts.

Edition ready to...

Napoli - Pantelleria

Summer 2022 more and more beautiful!
Volotea announces the new NAPLES - PANTELLERIA route.

Volotea, the Spanish low-cost airline that connects medium-sized cities, islands and European capitals,...

The most popular car in Pantelleria.

The new fiat 500 cabrio was the most requested car for the Pantelleria summer.

In these first 15 days of January there are many requests to secure this small car that will make your holiday...

Vintage Fiat Punto cabriolet.

Do you want to take a step back in time and relive the memories of your summer holidays in the heart of the 20s? You can do it with our Punto Cabrio.
The only point without a roof, the most loved by...

4 ristoranti in Pantelleria.

Alessandro Broghese together with the production of 4 restaurants also used our services and tonight, Sunday 26 December - on Sky and streaming on NOW - it will be possible to see the episode...

Pantelleria Gift.

Not sure what gift to give at Christmas?
Give Pantelleria.
From today you can book your flight to Pantelleria starting from 46 €.
Volotea reopens bookings starting from 7 May 2022 with direct...

Christmas offer

Christmas is almost here and Santa is ready to deliver gifts all over the world.
In Pantelleria the sled is not the right way to deliver gifts because without the snow, landings on dirt or asphalt...

European football championships 2020-1. We are ready!

From 1985 to 2021 we at Policardo lived 8 world and 8 European football championships and many of you, not just tourists, celebrated aboard our vehicles on the island of Pantelleria.


Sup Around Sicily Arriva a Pantelleria

The Sup Around Sicily guys arrive in Pantelleria.
On board our Jurassic Pand they will conquer the coasts of the island aboard their sup. Their interview today at 2 pm on Rai 3.

Sup Around Sicily...

Flight to Pantelleria canceled? I'll explain how to not give up on your holiday!

Was your flight to Pantelleria in May canceled?
Shit! But will this be enough to ruin the long-awaited moment of finally being by the sea and enjoying the serenity that a unique place like...

Pantelleria by scooter or motorbike? Perfect!

You wear a helmet and get on your scooter, destination? the sea.
You could push hard but you are not in a hurry, you want to enjoy the ride.
At every turn, a different scent: Rosemary, now capers,...

Pantelleria - Where Nature reigns.

Pietro Gabriele and Dario Spezia, have published a video entitled: “Pantelleria - where Nature reigns”.

Pantelleria artists have created a real jewel. An alternation between poetry and...

Discover Pantelleria with a Suzuki Santana

Crazy! This vehicle is not for mere mortals.
For everyone, Pantelleria has an area of 83 square kilometers, a small black pearl, rugged and wild in the middle of the Mediterranean with 'only' a road...